Pro Tips: 3D Bow Setup and Tuning

When it comes to bow setup and tuning you can get so advanced that you end up working on your bow more than actually getting out and shooting it. I prefer the KISS Method.  Keep It Simple, Stupid! 

Daniel Fowler, professional archer

I am currently shooting a Ritual 35 27.5” draw length at 61lbs, AAE Pro Blade, CBE Vertex Micro 3D Sight and scope, and Bee Stinger bars. After the initial setup of the bow I choose the largest diameter arrow that gets me into the ballpark of 290fps, then I start my tuning method, which I keep very simple. 

I start by setting my center shot at 13/16” with the cable stops hitting at the same time. Take a few shots through paper to see what the arrow is doing out of the bow and make very minor adjustments. Once I get an acceptable tear, I move to a walk back tuning method where I want my arrows falling on a perpendicular line from 10 to 60 yards, making small adjustments along the way. 

Once I get my arrows falling perfectly on that line and happy with the overall arrow flight, I lock everything down tight and begin to sight the bow in and work on aiming drills and judging targets.  Since I began dealing with Elite, and the ease of setup and tuning their bows offer, I have been able to devote more time to shooting and working on judging targets.